Corporate Social Responsibility

MHB believes that charity begins at home. With yards operating in Pasir Gudang, Johor, we support the local communities in these areas by focusing on the underprivileged and helping them to improve their livelihood while empowering them with new knowledge and skills.

As a result of various community outreach programmes, we have established a good rapport with members of these communities.


MHB Art of Science Programme 2014

8 March 2014
MHB rolled out first round of its ‘MHB Art of Science’ programme for year 2014 with 116 Primary 6 students from Sekolah Kebangsaan Bandar Seri Alam (SKBSA), Johor.

‘MHB Art of Science’ is targeted at young hearts and minds and aims to stimulate their interest in the field of creative science. This annual CSR programme was jointly organised by MHB and Petrosains Malaysia.

The programme began with an ice breaking session between the students, MHB staff volunteers and Petrosains representatives. ‘MHB Art of Science’ was initiated to expose the students to amazing yet simple concepts of creative science; and that it was a good platform for the teachers and students to access alternative resources for teaching and learning. This innovative science programme will spark young minds to be more curious and creative. The students were engaged in workshops that challenged them to make the loudest ‘mini honkers’. Each student actively participated and gave their best effort using all the props provided by the organisers. Another workshop challenged students to create rainbows – again with only the props provided. The grouped students were very enthusiastic to show off their creative capabilities.

Many participants enjoyed the Petrosains team demonstrations on the cryogenic (super-cold) impressive and unique characteristics of liquid nitrogen. The programme ended with an easy ‘pop quiz’ on MHB. The students were excited to answer all the questions and were happy with the opportunity to learn science with their friends in a new and different setting outside their science lab and classroom.


MHB Art of Science Programme 2013

November 2013
MHB rolled out second round of its 'MHB Art of Science' programme at Sekolah Kebangsaan Pasir Gudang 1 in a collaboration with Petrosains. One of the programme objective is to spark the students’ interest to experiment and discover more. In the longer term, such interest will go on to inspire and nurture future scientists, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. This programme exposed the students to amazing yet simple, logical concepts in science and technology and to assist teachers and students in accessing alternative resources for teaching and learning science.

June 2013
‘Art of Science’ is another CSR programme organised by companyMMHE in a collaboration with Petrosains and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Dato’ Penggawa Timur,Masai, Johor. This programme is targeted to stimulate students’ interest in science and technology focusing on submarine system. The students were given the opportunity to learn science in a different environment other than their usual science lab.

MHB Officiates Sekolah Kebangsaan Pasir Gudang 2 (SKPG2) PIBG Meeting, presents RM10,000 for ‘History Gallery’

March 2013

Education and welfare development are high on MMHE’s agenda and schools are the foundation for such development.

MMHE contributed to the building of the facility and encouraged the students of SKPG2 to use this facility to its fullest and to enjoy learning History. MMHE is looking forward to provide more support to the community which will benefit many more people who in need.




MHB Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp in UTM

September 2013
MHB in collaboration with EcoKnights and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) held the ‘MHB Knights of Nature Sustainability Camp’ at UTM’s Bangunan Canseleri.

This programme was organised by MHB for the second time and the camp is part of MHB and EcoKnights’ outreach efforts to instill environmental awareness to youths between the ages of 17 to 25 years.

The camp’s objectives were to heighten the level of environmental awareness; enhance understanding of sustainable lifestyle in a fun and creative ambience; develop positive qualities like teamwork, leadership, time management and problem solving skills. The students also learnt to implement sustainable actions in their daily life.

The camp was an inspiring and innovative retreat specially designed for youths passionate about nature and the environment. It provided an action-packed learning experience directly employing sustainable solutions to local environmental issues.

A Green and Good Cause to MMHE Flats Community

July 2013
One of MHB’s service unit, Admin Services Department (ASD) held a ‘gotong-royong’ with the residents of Taman Perumahan MMHE on the 7 July 2013. The purpose of the ‘gotong-royong’ was to clean and beautify the surrounding area of the staff residential area.

MHB Signs MOU with DOE in 'Save Our Planet' Programme

June 2013
MMHE collaborated with the Department of Environment (DOE) in a programme called ‘Save Our Earth’ to provide industry the opportunity to support the government agency on its environmental activities for urban/city dwellers. This particular initiative coincided with the celebration of World Environment Day in June 2013.

MMHE’s contribution of 700 recyclable bags was distributed to guests and event participants during the launch ceremony. This contribution was aimed at reducing the local community’s dependency on the use on plastic bags for their shopping and domestic consumption.

'MHB Knights of Nature' Sustainability Camp at Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan’

April 2013
The ‘MHB Knights of Nature’ Camp, in collaboration with EcoKnights (EK), was held at Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan (PIS). Attended by 50 selected students from PIS, the camp's objective was to engage the participants in the planning of a sustainable park on campus, using a highly interactive approach.

MHB believes that the camp helped foster better engagement towards developing sustainable plans and ideas to be implemented on the campus. All the participants had a great time at the camp and more importantly, learned about the practical applications of sustainable ideas towards the development of a park.

Launched of ‘MHB Knights of Nature’ Programme

January 2013

MMHE has launched its flagship environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme called ‘MHB knights of Nature’. The programme is collaboration between MMHE and EcoKnights, an environmental NGO with the involvement and participation of two higher learning institutions in Johor – namely University Technology Malaysia (UTM) and Polytechnic Ibrahim Sultan (PIS). ‘MHB Knights of Nature’ is designed to raise awareness among youths on environmental issues in the local communities.




MMHE & Client Help Improve School Safety, Inculcate Safety Awareness Among Children

August 2013
To help create greater awareness among school children about safety at school MMHE and its client, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Malaysia Inc (ExxonMobil) collaborated to organise a safety programme targeting school children in Pasir Gudang community.

Working with the school authorities of SRK Taman Rinting Dua, the employees carried out a hazard hunt programme in May 2013. About 50 school children aged between 7 to 12 years were taught about hazards and how to identify them. They were able to compile a list of action items to help improve the school environment.

MHB Road Safety Programme

May 2012

MHB in collaboration with Petrosains successfully organised a road safety awareness programme for the school children of Sekolah Kebangsaan Pasir Gudang 2. This is MHB’s corporate social responsibility initiative which was started in 2011.

The programme aims to teach school children basic safety rules and regulations of road use and traffic order, as well as civic responsibility skills, identifying traffic hazards and practical accident avoidance measures. This will help the 160 programme participants - as future motorists - to self-regulate their behaviour based on their acquired skills in identifying inherent risks on the road and in a heavy traffic environment such as in Pasir Gudang. In addition, this initiative also aims to support the Government’s efforts in inculcating road safety consciousness among the Malaysian public, starting with our young and growing school-going population.



MHB Cares

October 2014
Science and technology programmes make young children curious, creative and innovative in approaching their daily life – whether at home or at school. Corporate social responsibility in MHB encompasses dual objectives - inspired employees are key for the business and valuable to the society.As a continuation to the ‘MHB Cares’ programme, few activities were lined up during a 2-hour programme that offered the kids an opportunity to think-outside-of-the-box and apply their creativity and skills in different ways.

September 2014
MHB remains committed to give back to society and to be responsible and active members of communities in which we operate. In September, a series of activity were carried out such as motivational and educational talks, learning sessions (counting, drawing, painting, and singing) for the children of Orang Asal.

December 2013
MHB launched its social investment project 'MHB Cares' on 12 December 2013. ‘MHB Cares’ is a long-term welfare and capability enhancement programme intended to help the orang asal fishing communities of Kg Pasir Putih and Kg Teluk Kabong in Johor Bahru meet their needs for basic education, healthy lives, safe homes and sanitary living conditions.

Donation to the Needy Residents around Pasir Gudang

July 2014
On July 2014, MHB donated foodstuff and cash to each family from 37 households in Kg. Pasir Gudang Baru to help them celebrate Hari Raya.This annual CSR is yet another of the Company’s giving back to the wider Pasir Gudang community in which it has an integral presence. This year’s charity drive received very good response and support from MMHE employees, clients and subcontractors’ workers. 30 staff volunteers from our business and service unitspersonally visited and handed over the contributions to all identified beneficiaries.

August 2013
On August 2013, 25 volunteers from the business and service units came forward to assist in distributing cash and kind to 22 families in Pasir Gudang. The donations were personally distributed to recipients staying at Kg Pasir Putih. Additionally, MMHE further channelled the cash collected to other charitable causes such as the Darul Hanan Orphanage and the Old Folks Home of Rumah Seri Kenangan, Ungku Mohsin Johor.

Blood Donation Campaign

March 2014
MMHE’s annual blood donation campaign, with the objective to help sustain blood bank supplies at local hospitals, was held on 8 March 2014at the Training Centre, MMHE West. MMHE once again collaborated with Hospital SultanahAminah (HSA) on this CSR programme. With the assistance of the doctors, nurses and representatives from HSA, this year’s campaign collected 122 pints of blood from MHB. 16 brave and noble staff even registered themselves as organ donors during the five-hour programme.

October 2013
The spirit of giving was palpable at the MMHE Blood Donation Campaign organised by KelabSukan&Rekreasi MMHE (KSRM) in collaboration with Hospital SultanahAminah (HSA) Johor Bahru on 26 October 2013.With collection centres set up at Hall 1 & 2 in the Training Centre, MMHE West for Pasir Gudang the programme was a success, receiving a record of 131 pints of blood from 152 registered donors.

December 2012
MMHE held a Blood Donation Campaign at Hall 1&2, Training Centre. 93 pints of blood was collected from participating staff and subcontractors. This successful campaign was held for the purpose of replenishing the blood bank of Hospital Sultanah Aminah which is always in need of public support.

Donating blood is truly a “gift of life” that a healthy individual can offers to others in need within their own community.

MHB also provides on-the-job training to undergraduates from local and foreign universities. Interns are attached to both operations and corporate divisions and are assigned mentors to guide them in their learning process.

For any interested applicant, you may send in your resume and cover letter to HRAD-Training Section (MMHE)