Marine Repair Services

Notable Projects

We have successfully completed marine repair works including Repair, Upgrading, Refurbishment, Conversion for over 3,700 vessels since 1976 which include:
  • Over 100 LNGC vessels
  • Over 30 Mobile Offshore Unit projects including jack-ups, semi-subs and tender barges
  • Tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and cargo ships
  • Offshore support vessels
  • Navy/Government vessels
  • Other type of vessels
Among our notable projects:
  • Japan Acacia (Japan Lines): 1st vessel repaired
  • Tenaga Satu (MISC): 1st LNG carrier repair and drydocking
  • T-6 Robray (Varia Perdana): 1st ‘jumboisation’ project on tender drill barge
  • Tenaga Tiga (MISC): 1st LNG carrier upgrading/refurbishment
  • Tenaga Lima (MISC): 2nd LNG carrier upgrading/refurbishment
  • Seahawk (Atwood Oceanics): Major refurbishment/upgrading works
  • Hercules 208 (Hercules Offshore): Major refurbishment, reactivation works, leg extension
  • Naga Satu (Japan Drilliing Co Ltd): Drydocking & repair works, major steel work
  • KBM 1 (MOPU Holdings Singapore): Refurbishment & conversion of MODU to MOPU
  • FSU 1 (MISC): 1st RLEC of LNGC to FSU
  • MT Nautica Muar (EA Technique): 1st conversion of crude oil tanker to FSU
  • LNG Aquarius (MOL LNG Transport): Major repair and upgrading works
  • Energy Producer 5 (Coastal Energy): Refurbishment and conversion of MODU to MOPU
  • Energy Producer 6 (Coastal Energy): Conversion of MODU to MOPU